• Solar Power Pavilion
    • PV Cells and Modules
    • Manufacturing Equipment
    • PV Materials
    • PV Components like Batteries, Chargers, Control technology, Converters, Inverters, Mounting, Tracking, Testing
    • R&D - Testing Agencies, Industry, Financial Investment and Promotion
    • Software Development
  • Solar Thermal Pavilion
    • Solar Thermal Products like Solar Water Heaters, Solar Central Water Heater, Solar Collector, Solar Heating, Solar Cooling, Solar Thermal
    • Light and Heat Parts
    • Solar Thermal Power Generation
    • Solar Thermal Power Generation Equipment
  • Wind Power Pavilion
    • Wind Turbine Generator Systems like Off-grid WTGS, In-grid WTGS, Hybrid Power Systems
    • Gearboxes, Generators, Bearings, Wheels, Towers, Inverters, Heat Exchangers, Monitoring System, Lubrication System, Composite Materials
    • Safety Equipment, Electrical Systems, Fasteners, Testing Equipment, Hydraulic Devices, Coatings Equipment;
    • Technical Consulting and Services
  • New Energy Integrated Pavilion
    • Green Building Materials, Green Lighting, Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Thermal Building Integrated Systems
    • Photovoltaic Consumer Products
    • Wind Energy Consumer Products
    • Floor Heating
    • New Energy Vehicles
    • New Energy Application Engineering Case
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